Ambassador Alumni

Jesús Vásquez-Cipria

    Jesús strives to intersect entrepreneurship/technology, community, culture, and spirit. Grounded by his indigenous Zapoteca culture and spiritual framework, he aims to create innovative projects within the private and public sectors that benefit underserved communities. As a Haas Scholar at UC Berkeley, he investigated and reported on wealth-building, unity-building, and networking strategies within the Latino population. You can read more about him by searching his full name on Linkedin.

    Gladys Cortez

      Gladys is a senior majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Education. Before coming to UC Berkeley she received her AA in Social and Behavioral Science from College of Marin. Previously, Gladys has worked in the CITRIS Social Apps Lab as a user research assistant helping develop a social activism platform. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant in the UC Berkeley Experimental Social Science Laboratory (Xlab).  

      Alex Mabanta

        Alex Mabanta graduated with degrees in political science and rhetoric and a minor in human rights. His research encompassed the politics of religion in India, the rise of body camera technology in the United States, and racial profiling in the city of Berkeley. A Filipino-American, he continues to mentor and cultivate the next generation of underrepresented researchers of color. 

        Kevin Reyes
          Kevin D. Reyes is nonresident fellow at the Human Rights Center (HRC) at UC Berkeley School of Law, recipient of the 2015 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. At HRC, he was previously visiting research associate, research assistant on war crimes and sexual violence, and administrative assistant.
          Reyes recently completed a B.A. from Berkeley in American foreign relations history and international political economy. His research interests address the intersection of various fields, including grand strategy, human rights, international law, and security. He is the author of articles published in the Columbia East Asia Review and the Global Societies Journal as well as a forthcoming Institute of Governmental Studies working paper on national security and computer science issues in the 1980s Strategic Defense Initiative. His current research projects explore comparative transitional justice in Latin America; the role of modernization theories in international justice and capacity-building; and (with Waldo E. Martin, Jr.) human rights discourse in the black freedom struggle from the late 1940s to the present.
          After serving as managing editor of Clio’s Scroll (Berkeley’s undergraduate history journal), he now chairs the journal’s advisory board.
          Reyes has been a Washington fellow of the Goldman School of Public Policy’s Center on Civility and Democratic Engagement, where he served in the Americas program at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and authored a report on accountability for enforced disappearance in Mexico. Moreover, Reyes has contributed to work with the International Criminal Court, United Nations, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Colombia Steering Committee, and the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Reyes was a UROC program designer from 2015-16. Connect with him on Twitter (@KevinDReyes) or visit his website (
          Anthony Williams

            Anthony J. Williams (he/him/his pronouns) is from Vacaville, CA and currently lives in Oakland, CA. He graduated from UC Berkeley (Summer 2016) as a Mellon Mays Fellow (Sociology major, Theatre & Performance Studies minor) and as the departmental citation award winner in his department. He is a writer, researcher, and budding organizer with an intention to obtain a PhD in Sociology & Africana Studies. In addition to his role as the Editor-in-Chief of the Afrikan Black Coalition, Anthony’s work has been published in The Independent, Boom: A Journal of California, the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Journal, East Bay Express, Black Girl Dangerous, Masculinities 101, and more. You can learn more about him, his research, and more at