Chelsea Chen

Chelsea Chen is from Milpitas, California, majoring in psychology focusing on clinical and biological psychology. She is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.
Chelsea has research assisted for the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory, Relationships and Social Cognition Laboratory, the Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory, and the Walker Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory, reflecting interests in social psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience.
Chelseas research and career goals include studying neurodegenerative disease, working on clinical therapies that are non-invasive, developing neuropsychological assessments, and improving neuroimaging technology. She hopes to improve affordability and access to health care, particularly for psychiatric and psychological care, remove stigma surrounding conversations about emotions and mental health, and increase representation in health care and psychology.
Feel free to reach out to Chelsea for questions or conversations of any kind, as she is very eager to mentor fellow students as well as make new friends!