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This organization grows out of partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships and the American Cultures Center. UROC has been generously sponsored by:

UROC has been generously sponsored by

Division of Equity & Inclusion, Berkeley Collegium, the Big Community Fee Referendum, and the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees

About UROC

University of California, Berkeley

Welcome to our student-led organization, Underrepresented Researchers of Color (UROC)! We serve as a pipeline to increase representation of marginalized students in research programs and grad schools, and seek to build a community of researchers of color. As research is an extremely isolating and exclusive process at this institution, we seek to dismantle this. Furthermore, students of color perform low rates of research at this research institution, alongside research programs on campus having low representation and acceptance rates of students of color. In other words, marginalized students receive little to no mentorship and access to resources to conduct their research/projects. We exist to bridge this gap.

UROC events/workshops are open to the public (on or off campus) and held regularly. Part of how we’re cultivating this community is to provide students with necessary tools and resources – such as mentorship, panels/mixers, research methodology workshops, and decolonizing research workshops – for students to envision research that is relevant to their identities and communities with which they’re engaging.

Campus Partners: American Cultures Center, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS), Ethnic Studies Library, Multicultural Community Center (MCC), Academic Achievement Program (AAP), Center for Race & Gender (CRG), Underground Scholars Initiative (USI), Public Service Center (PSC), Transfer Center, Undergraduate Lab @ Berkeley (ULAB)

"Building Community, Transforming Knowledge, Democratizing the University"

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